Education Minor

Program Overview

For those who want to strengthen their chosen major with a foundation in education, FGCU's Education Minor program is ideal. Throughout Southwest Florida, the need is great for anyone working in K-12 education. Considering our education majors enjoy an 88%-100% graduate employment rate, an education minor from one of the state's top programs can open many new doors for you after graduation.

Education minors often go on to pursue teaching opportunities in elementary and secondary schools, including both public and private school settings. Many earn graduate degrees and work in areas such as admissions, career counseling, guidance counseling, educational consulting, institutional research, minority/multicultural affairs and policy analysis.

Depending on your major, your education minor could help you become a:

  •  High school guidance counselor

  • Elementary or secondary school teacher

  • Educational policy consultant

  • School psychologist

Majors in Child and Youth Studies (B.S.), Early Childhood Education (B.A.), Elementary Education (B.A.), Secondary Biology Education (B.A.), Secondary Mathematics Education (B.A.), Secondary Social Science Education (B.A.), Special Education (B.A.), and Music Education (B.M.E.) are not eligible for the minor in Education.

Admission Requirements

  • Students must meet with a college advisor/student success counselor to declare a minor and review the course requirements.

Additional Graduation Requirements

  • A grade of C or higher is required in all courses for the minor.
  • A minimum of 12 credits of the minor must be completed at FGCU.
  • Students desiring certification of a minor and designation on their academic transcript must:
    • Note the minor on the Application for Graduation.
    • Contact a college advisor/student success counselor to certify completion of all course requirements for the declared minor as listed below.

Program Requirements

Required Courses in the Minor

EDF 3253 Learning Mgmt Inclusive Class (3)
EDF 4470 Classroom Assessment (3)
RED 4344 Methods of Teaching Reading (3)
TSL 3083 Teaching English Learners (3)

Complete one from the following:
EDG 3323 Professional Teaching Practice (3)
MAE 4152 Math Methods: 6-12 Grades (3)
SCE 4330 Science Methods 6-12 Grades (3)
SSE 4153 Social Science Methods 6-12 (3)

Complete one from the following:
EDF 3132 Adolescent Growth & Dev (3)*
EDF 4112 Child Growth and Development (3)**

*6-12 Teaching focus
**Pre K-6 Teaching focus

Catalog Year: 2024-2025

Total Semester Hours Required: 18 Hours

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