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Student Resources

The Whitaker Center supports FGCU STEM majors through:

The Center is also affiliated with the student organization for FGCU Cancer Research Program (RSO available for students interested in Cancer Research).


Undergraduate Research

Faculty with StudentThe Whitaker Center facilitates student research by providing assistance through summer research scholarships, research proposal development, selection of faculty supervisors, and the IRB approval process. In addition, the Center assists students and their supervisors in the publication and dissemination of the research results. We provide leadership in the development of undergraduate research that can be duplicated within the university and other post secondary institutions.

Presenting students should upload their final poster and abstract to DigitalFGCU.

STEM Scholarships

The Whitaker Center offers two types of scholarships:

1. Tuition & Research Scholarships for STEM Majors (applications due February 20 for priority consideration)

2. Tuition Scholarships for STEM Education Majors (applications due February 15 for priority consideration)


  • Summer Research Scholarships for STEM Majors

  • Scholarships for STEM Education Majors


Whitaker Center Mini-Grant Application

Application Information

  • Applicants must be either a faculty or student at FGCU.
  • Funds will not be awarded for salary stipends.
  • Funds may not be awarded for student travel associated with an FGCU course (example, we cannot fund study abroad). 
  • Research Funding: The Whitaker Center supports the development and reporting of a variety of curriculum and teaching innovations at all levels of STEM education. The Center also fosters and supports research and evaluation of teaching innovations and practices. Funding for faculty and graduate activities is provided for assessment and evaluation of teaching innovations and practice where the research meets the Center's goals. Funding levels are determined annually by the Leadership Team. Funding, while limited, is meant to encourage pilot studies that may lead to larger externally funded projects. Faculty are encouraged to pursue other funding sources, including matching funds and in-kind support. This not only broadens the funding base, enabling larger or more varied projects, but also encourages and strengthens the network of science, mathematics and technology educators at all levels.  Whitaker Center Undergraduate Research Program funds are available for students in any major and with science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics as a focus as well as teaching and learning in these areas.
  • Travel Funding: Professional travel for faculty and students is supported through the Whitaker Center for activities that support the Whitaker Center goals. Faculty travel should include presentations in STEM education at meetings or conferences. Student travel funds are provided for presenting STEM research or attending STEM education meetings and conferences. Students are encouraged to present individual research posters. Poster/presentation abstracts are required to be submitted at the time of application for Mini-Grants.
  • PK-12 Initiatives: The Whitaker Center supports the development and implementation of PK-12 initiatives. Funding may be sought for projects that target either PK-12 teachers or students. Projects for students must integrate STEM-topics, be hands-on in nature and must be shown to align with PK-12 education standards. Initiatives geared toward teachers might involve course development, labs and activities, technology training and other similar endeavors. Initiatives geared toward students might involve outreach, workshops or camps. If funded, projects should in some way highlight Whitaker Center Funding.

Applications are now closed




Internship/Job Postings

We offer a variety of short-term opportunities to work in STEM Outreach through our summer programs.
Please contact the Whitaker Center to find out what internships are available through our office.

For more opportunities contact:
Internship & Co-operative Programs 
Internships in STEM areas can be accessed through Eagle Career Link
Office: Library East 433
Email: icp@fgcu.edu 

Phone number: (239) 745-4423