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Sept. 27, 2022 | FGCU is canceling all classes and non-essential campus activities Thursday and Friday. FGCU leaders will evaluate methods for students to make up for lost instructional time, which will likely include the use of planned study dates as regular academic class. Please expect updates to the academic calendar once we return to normal operations. For storm updates, visit fgcu.edu/emergencymanagement.

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Florida Gulf Coast University’s College of Education had another exciting, meaningful, and productive year filled with significant accomplishments at both the individual and collective levels. The accomplishments in the 2018-2019 academic year solidifies the excellence that the college extends to its students, alumni and the Southwest Florida region. Click the button to read Inspire Magazine Issue #1!


Inspire Magazine Issue #1



The College of Education recently published its 1st Annual College of Education Symposium on Scholarly Engagement to celebrate faculty and students’ scholarly engagement through learning, teaching, research, and community engagements. Learn more about our featured scholarly activities that focus on some current educational topics, and are conducted by undergraduate or graduate students through collaboration among students, faculty, and community partners in education.

College of Education Year of Achievement - 2017-2018



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View/Print Tutelage Newsletter - Spring 2020 - Volume 4 Number 1



Tutelage - Summer/Fall 2019 - Volume 3 Number 2

Tutelage - Spring 2019 - Volume 3 Number 1

Tutelage - Summer/Fall 2018 - Volume 2 Number 2

Tutelage - Spring 2018 - Volume 2 Number 1

Tutelage - Fall 2017 - Volume 1 Number 2

Tutelage - Spring 2017 - Volume 1 Number 1


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20th Anniversary Collection of Voices

As FGCU celebrates its 20th anniversary, the College of Education is looking back, at the moment, to move forward for another 20 years of making an impact in the community, for the community, and with the community.

Read the 20th Anniversary Collection of Voices now.

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