Educational Leadership (M.Ed.)


Program Overview

The M.Ed. in Educational Leadership program consists of 33 credit hours of coursework designed to prepare candidates for leadership positions in educational settings, as well as to improve the performance of current leaders in educational leadership positions. The Program content focuses on FPLS standards, educational leader functions, and stresses the relationship between tested practice and applied theory. Candidates complete critical task essays as the culminating project in each of ten courses in the program. The essays are based on specific internship experiences and are connected to a targeted FPLS standard, coursework, and scholarly research. The critical task essays become part of each candidate's Final Professional Portfolio that is built throughout the program and defended in the final course – Final Leadership Seminar. The M.Ed. program prepares candidates for Florida Educational Leadership certification by the Florida Department of Education as students must pass the FELE to graduate. The program is offered in both synchronous traditional and asynchronous accelerated formats. 



Successful Candidate Profiles

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  • Accelerated 


P-12 Educational Leadership (M.A)

This is a similar program to the M.Ed. Educational Leadership program in that candidates take the same courses but take their internship credits at the end of the program. Candidates can still earn their Leadership Certificate after graduation.  

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Alternative Pathway to Florida Principal Certification

Applicants who have earned an advanced degree and/or accumulated appropriate course credits that they believe can be applied towards their Leadership Certification can petition the FLDOE to receive a Statement of Eligibility (SoE) to determine which courses they need to complete. Applicants submit this document to the College to create a personalized program of study. With this pathway no degree is offered and apply through the Post Bac Non-Degree portal.

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 Component Educational Leadership M.Ed. Traditional Educational Leadership M.ed. Leads+ Educational Leadership M.Ed. - Accelerated educational leadership m.a. traditional Educational Leadership M.A. p-12 - accelerated Alternative Pathway to Florida Principal Certification
FLDOE Approved Certificate Required for graduation Required for graduation Required for graduation May apply after graduation May apply after graduation May apply after graduation
2 + years of teaching experience required at the Effective of Highly Effective level to be admitted YES YES 2-4 yrs. preferred  NO NO NO
Length of Term 15 weeks 15 weeks 7 weeks 15 weeks 7 weeks 15 weeks
Automatically entered into the Assistant Principal Pool (With LEADs+ participating districts only) NO YES NO NO NO NO
Courses offered online Synchronous Synchronous Asynchronous Synchronous Asynchronous Synchronous
GRE required for admission NO NO NO NO NO NO
Mentor Needed YES YES YES During Internships During Internships During Internships
Number of credit hours to complete 33-36 33-36 33-36 36 36 Per FLDOE Statement of Eligibility



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Getting Started

Please visit the Office of Graduate Studies or contact Graduate Studies at 239-590-7988 or for an application for admission and additional information about the application process. Satisfaction of minimum University and program requirements does not guarantee admission to a graduate program. Applicants should check with the program for the most up to date admission requirements prior to commencing the application process.