Symposium on Scholarly Engagement

FGCU College of Education Annual Symposium on Scholarly Engagement


The 2nd Annual COE Symposium on Scholarly Engagement was held on March 29, 2019. This year’s event included presentations by thirty-seven undergraduate and graduate students and eight faculty collaborators along with community partners.

 The event was, once again, made possible with generous support from College of Education Dean Hyun, Provost Llorens, the Office of Undergraduate Scholarship, and the Office of Research and Graduate Studies. Scholarly topics included reading comprehension strategies for English learners (EL), effective EL teaching, technology and children, issues affecting the Zuni Pueblo, leadership in early childhood education, using stories for effective science instruction, basic psychological needs and frustration, motivation, and divergent thinking, effects of study abroad, effects of statistics anxiety on learning, author/audience relationships with multicultural literature, undergraduate Latinas’ educational experience, library spaces and student engagement, the performance based funding model in the State University System, South Asian parental involvement in education, the Correspondence Principal and time management in schools, Projection Motivation Theory and online safety training response, race-conscious student school assignment, support for teachers with alternative certification, and restorative practices for school discipline.

This year, the Diversity Committee arranged a panel discussion on immigration, cultural diversity, and socio-economic status. Four presenters, including FGCU students and alumni, engaged the audience and helped to increase understanding for relevant and pressing issues.



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