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Analytics and Informatics (B.S.)

Digging deep reveals the secrets to success

The B.S. in Analytics and Informatics prepares students for careers in industry, consulting, nonprofit, government, and other sectors.

Recent decades have seen an exponential growth in the volume and types of data available, and analytics professionals are needed to process and understand these data so organizations can improve operations, marketing, profitability, and service. Sometimes called big data, data mining, knowledge discovery, business intelligence, data science, and business analytics, the Data Analytics field is essential in modern organizations. The program focuses on data extraction and preparation, data warehousing, an array of analytics techniques, visualization, ethics and sustainability, and strategy.


  • Health Informatics Concentration
  • Data Analytics Concentration
  • Accreditation

  • Admissions Information

  • Program Requirements

  • Curriculum Map

  • Course Description

  • Course Schedule

  • Learning Outcomes

  • Tuition, Fees, and Financial Assistance

  • Graduation Requirements / ETS Major Field Test in Business

  • Destination FGCU Transfer Program