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The study of economics prepares students for the job market and/or graduate school by providing broad and deep training in the field and by developing skills in critical thinking and analysis. An economics degree opens the door to a wide range of business entities and lays a foundation for success in graduate programs in business, social science and law.

Course work includes both theory and application and is designed to build and develop student assessments of the world through an economics lens.

Industries that highly value the undergraduate degree in economics include banking and finance, economic journalism, law, business, government service and non-university teaching.

The idea that you are limited to a few specific jobs if you major in economics is not true. Those who major in economics possess mathematical and analytical skills. They are very marketable.

The study of finance develops the skills necessary for success in domestic and global financial environments.

Finance is one of the most popular academic majors, and part of its appeal stems from its practicality. A recent study at Georgetown University found that the average student with a bachelor’s degree in finance earned an annual salary of $73,000.

Students who have a knack for working with numbers and want to pursue a career with excellent job prospects might be interested in studying finance. The program’s goal at FGCU is to prepare students for entry-level and leadership positions in areas such as financial management, banking, investments and real estate.

Core elements of the program are appropriate use of technology, and the study of new organizational structures, entrepreneurial thinking and international awareness.


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