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School of Nursing and Oasis Charter School Clinical Partnership Flourishes

December 13, 2022  / Dr. Cindy Farris and Miriane Martinez  / Tags: FGCU School of Nursing, FGCU BSN, FGCU

Since 2021, FGCU School of Nursing students using the leadership of Melanie Klages, OASIS Charter Schools System Nurse have learned the special intricacies of the school nurse role. Nursing students believed that school nurses only dealt with a readily available band aid or ice pack, but learned through school nursing clinical rotations that today’s school nurse prepares students to face the challenges involved with disease management and disaster events.

Recently, two FGCU Community Nursing students, Abigail Buchholz and Brooke Bzdawka assisted Mrs. Klages in mandatory primary prevention education to ninth grade students on CPR, automated external defibrillator (AED), choking, first-aid, and trauma principles. These trainings are mandated by the state of Florida for all sixth, ninth and eleventh graders. The purpose of this education for the OASIS students is in relationship to previous events surrounding school shootings. “The best part of the experience was taking part in primary prevention. Oftentimes, we only take part in tertiary prevention and feel like there’s only so much we can do.” Abigail Buchholz

The multiple visits by the Community Health nursing students at this clinical rotation emphasized the importance of effective teaching to this pediatric population. The OASIS students have learned from the Community Health Nursing students about nursing school, FGCU and the value of the nursing profession.

 “In the end, I thought this experience was helpful for me in my nursing career. It also made me realize how much knowledge and confidence I have gained in nursing school at FGCU.” Brooke Bzdawka.

The impact of the partnership between OASIS Charter Schools and FGCU School of Nursing is far-reaching and lasting. FGCU School of Nursing is grateful for this partnership and especially for Mrs. Klages and her endless devotion to students and the nursing profession.

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