Department of Health Sciences

Prepare for a Research, Clinical or Leadership Role in Healthcare

Throughout Southwest Florida, you’ll find many of the leaders and innovators in public health are FGCU graduates.

Admission to our accredited programs is highly competitive. We offer low faculty-to-student ratios, a multidisciplinary curriculum, intensive clinical internships and professors who are more dialed in to their students. Once you earn your degree here, you can take advantage of our 100% graduate employment rates in most disciplines.

While the Health Science M.S. curriculum is conducted online for the convenience of working professionals, most students will benefit from Marieb Hall’s extraordinary collection of advanced equipment in research labs. And because many students want the added career benefits that come from post-graduate studies, we’ve designed our programs to flow naturally from undergraduate to graduate studies. Depending on your degree, you’ll be well prepared to work in hospital labs, healthcare administration, physicians’ offices, divisions of public health and other places that are defining the future of healthcare.


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