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Dr. Russ Sabella Delivers Workshop on Empowering Kids with Solution-Focused Brief Counseling, REBT, and Choice

August 07, 2020  / Grace Billington 

On August 3, Dr. Russ Sabella delivered a virtual full-day workshop titled Empowering Kids with Solution-Focused Brief Counseling, REBT, and Choice.  There were more than 400 participants, including school psychologists, social workers, and behavior specialists.  

This workshop was designed for both beginning and experienced school counselors, psychologists, social workers, educators, nurses, and other human service professionals who wanted to empower their students, parents, and other stakeholders more effectively.

The workshop used three different approaches to empower human service professionals to help children do better. The three different approaches were: solution-focused brief counseling, rational-emotive behavior counseling, and choice theory. Dr. Sabella used information, role-play, video demonstration, and participant exercises in order to increase the knowledge of the workshop participants.