Specialized Admissions Programs

How to apply for more selective majors

A specialized admissions program is one where program admission and registration in program classes are restricted to a certain number of students meeting pre-determined criteria. This means that you are initially accepted into the university as a pre-major and then you must submit a supplemental application for consideration for acceptance into a specialized admissions undergraduate major. Specialized admissions status is justified where student demand exceeds available resources (student/faculty ratios, instructional facilities, equipment or specific accrediting requirements) or students require minimum skills to be admitted into the program (such as Music or PGA Golf Management). Specialized admissions programs have separate admissions processes and selection criteria. Not all students who meet the selection criteria are admitted into these majors. The selection process is competitive and space is limited in each incoming class.

Degree programs that require a supplemental application due to specialized admissions are listed below. Admission to FGCU does not guarantee admission to any of these programs.

Marieb College of Health & Human Services:

  • BS Clinical Laboratory Science
  • BSN Nursing

College of Arts & Sciences:

  • BME Music Education
  • BA Music - Performance
  • BMT Music Therapy
  • BA Music

Lutgert College of Business:

  • BS PGA Golf Management 


Students do not need to submit supplemental applications until their sophomore year or completion of program prerequisite requirements. 

  • If you are applying to a specialized admissions program in the Marieb College of Health & Human Services, visit the program's website. All undergraduate majors in the Marieb College of Health & Human Services have a selective admissions process. Some of these programs are designated as specialized admissions as described above. The selective admissions process requires students to meet certain selection criteria to be considered for admissions as a full major. Visit the college's website to learn more about the selective admissions process.
  • If applying in music, refer to the Bower School of Music & the Arts website regarding audition information, BSM application and deadlines. 
  • If applying to PGA Golf Management, consult the website regarding application information and deadlines. 



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