International FAQ

For international students applying to attend FGCU, the application process and required forms takes planning. The section below helps to provide answers to questions you may have.


  • What is the application fee? How can I pay it?

  • What is the application process and where are the forms?

  • What are the application deadlines?

  • Can international students start their studies in any semester?

  • Who is considered an international student?

  • What are the documentation requirements for an international student?

  • How do I submit my transcripts?

  • How do I submit my test scores?

  • Do I need to submit an ACT or SAT?

  • What is the language requirement? Do I need to take TOEFL?

  • Can I receive financial assistance?

  • Can I claim Florida Residency as an international student?

  •  Tuition Fees / Cost of Attending FGCU

  •  Issuance of Visa Documents (Financial Statement)

  •   Status of an Application

  •   International Admissions Contact Information

  •  What is the Au Pair program?

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