Admission Forms

Undergraduate Admissions Forms

International Applicant Forms

  • Visa Clearance Form

  • Financial Support Verification Letter or Sponsor's Financial Support Statement


Undergraduate Admission Financial Assistance Forms

Miscellaneous Forms

  • Address and/or Name Change Form: Applicants may update their address or name by submitting this form.
  • Application Signature Page: Applicants who did not sign their application before submitting it must complete and submit the application signature page.
  • Change Term Form: 

    1. Admitted students may defer their enrollment for a full year and do not have to reapply. Denied students must submit a new application with fee and cannot submit this form.

    2. Students attending another college/university, or that have been accepted into the nursing program, may not change terms.

    3. If the change of term request is approved and student has paid the deposit, then their $200 Admissions Deposit will be credited to the new term.

    4. International students are required to provide new Financial Documents before a new I-20 is issued.

    5. Freshmen must provide a final high school transcript showing date of graduation before they can start their new term.

    6. Students changing their term of admission must notify the Registrar’s Office to ensure proper withdrawal from classes to avoid tuition & fee charges. They should contact the Financial Aid and Housing offices as well.

    7. Students awarded a Tuition Waiver must re-apply for a waiver for the new term.

    8. Admissions into the new term is not guaranteed as these requests will be processed based on space availability and admissibility into the new term.

    9. You must log into your Future Eagle Account to request a change of term.

    10. The admissions deposit is applicable to the term for which the student has been admitted and is non-refundable. The deposit will be forfeited if the student does not enroll in the deposited term. If a request to change terms is made after classes for the original term of admission have begun, a deposit for the new term must be paid.

  • Appeal Documents:

An appeal of a denial admissions decision will only be considered if you provide new and compelling information that was not part of your original application; moreover, these items must be submitted within 30 days of your denial date. Examples of new and compelling information include but are not limited to new test scores that are significantly higher than those previously submitted. You must submit a 2-page personal essay in which you describe extenuating circumstances that influenced your academic performance, discuss your special talents or abilities, and explain what you expect to contribute to the FGCU campus. Also, you need at least two letters of recommendation from academic sources such as high school teachers or college professors. Recommendation letters from employers, family members or any other non-academic source will not be considered. The appeals documents must be submitted by email to in a PDF or Word document format– make sure to enter “Appeals Document” in the subject field of your email. Before pursuing this process, you should retest and submit significantly higher scores or make plans to transfer to FGCU.



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