Admissions Scholarships & Waivers

Scholarships and Waivers

Florida Gulf Coast University’s Undergraduate Admissions offers numerous scholarships for incoming freshman and transfer students.

We suggest applying to the University early as our scholarships are competitive and most are awarded early in the admission cycle. Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee a scholarship. Additional scholarships are available through the Office of Financial Aid, who administers the Foundation Scholarships (March 1st - priority deadline. May 1st - final deadline)

Please read scholarship descriptions and eligibility requirements thoroughly. Applicants will be considered for awards after gaining admission to the university.

  • An eligible student may receive only one (1) admissions scholarship or waiver unless otherwise stated. Generally, scholarships are not stackable. 
  • Please note not every scholarship and waiver is awarded each and every term.

For access to our admissions scholarships and applications please click one of the following:

  • National Merit Finalists & Scholars

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  • State of Florida Benacquisto Scholarship

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  • Freshman Scholarship Opportunities

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  • Transfer Scholarships/Out-of-State Tuition Waiver

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  • International Student Scholarship Opportunities

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  • Dual Enrollment Scholarships

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  • In-State Tuition Waiver/Non-Resident Tuition Waiver

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  • Grandparent Out-of-State Tuition Waiver

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  1. Applying for Financial Aid
  2. Florida Gulf Coast University offers a comprehensive financial aid program to assist in meeting reasonable educational expenses by both full time and part time students who might otherwise be unable to afford college. To apply for financial aid and to access the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), please visit our Financial Aid website
  3. The FGCU Financial Aid priority deadline is March 1.
Tuition and Fees* Cost per credit hour On-Campus Housing Meal Plan

$6,318 - Florida resident

$203.94 - Florida residents

$4,820 - $6,796 - Range is for 2 semesters

$1,060 - $5,300 - Range is for 2 semesters

$25,292 - Non-Florida resident

$838.73 - Non-Florida resident

  1. *Based on 15 credit hours for 2 semesters

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