Online Learning FAQ

FAQ about Online Learning

  • What Is Online Learning

  • How does the instruction occur if the students and the instructor are not in the same place?

  • Is Online Learning For Me?

  • Do you get different credit for an online learning course than you do for an on-campus, face-to-face course?

  • Can I earn a full degree through online learning courses?

  • How Long Will It Take To Complete My Degree?

  • Can I Take A Course Without Being Formally Admitted To FGCU?

  • What Degrees Can Be Earned Through Online Learning?

  • How do I get my textbooks if I can’t come to the campus bookstore?

  • How do I get a syllabus if I don't come to campus?

  • How do I turn in assignments and take tests without coming to campus?

  • How do I find my course if it is offered online?

  • What is Canvas?

  • If I am an online learning student, can I still use on-campus services and facilities?

  • Sometimes I need a little help with my schoolwork. How can I get that if I’m not on campus?

  • What is Service Learning and do I have to do it?

  • How do I get a Student I.D. (Eagle ID)?

  • General Questions