How To Succeed

How to Succeed at Online Learning

Start off right

  • Check the Technology Requirements and be sure the computer you plan to use meets the requirements for online courses.
  • Get acquainted with the Technology Resources and know where to get technology help.
  • Visit the Canvas Student Demonstration Course.
  • Explore your course(s) - locating the syllabus, materials, and resources.
  • Read your syllabus carefully - noting all deadlines, special instructions, or requirements.
  • Take a tour of the online FGCU Library. Bookmark the site for your future reference.

Keep up

  • Log in to your course daily to check course announcements, discussion forums, and course mail.
  • Get organized. Create a calendar for deadlines.
  • Plan ahead. Give yourself plenty of time to complete readings, assignments and prepare for exams.
  • Ask for clarification after you have reviewed the syllabus, assignments and course communication. Keep in mind, responses may not be immediate.
  • Review your syllabus periodically.

Know the rules

  • Understand the course requirements and grading scale.
  • Review the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Consult the Academic Calendar for add/drop and withdrawal dates.
  • Be courteous and professional in your online communication.

Finish Strong

  • Do a final review of the syllabus for deadlines on project and exams
  • Check the Canvas grade report for accuracy.
  • Complete the online Student Assessment of Instruction.