Admission, Registration, and Financial Aid

Admission Procedures

The admission requirements for online courses and degree programs are the same as the requirements for on-campus, face-to-face offerings.

Anyone with Internet access may get the necessary admission’s information and documents from the FGCU website.

You also may e-mail any specific questions to or complete the Graduate and Undergraduate Request Information forms.

Registration Procedures

Once admitted as a degree-seeking or non-degree seeking student, you will receive a Letter of Admission which will include your personal pin number that you can use to register through the Internet at

Course Catalog and Schedule

You may access a catalog with descriptions of all approved FGCU courses at the URL: You also may access a schedule of courses here.

Financial Aid

In many cases financial aid is available to online students. Financial aid is offered through the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office. Visit their website at or call them at (239) 590-7920.