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  • How do I update my home address?

  • How do I get to the HR office?

  • I don’t remember my password to log in to the People First system. What can I do?

  • I am a new employee, how soon can my insurance coverage begin?

  • I elected an insurance plan when I first began my employment at FGCU. When can I change to another insurance plan? 

  • What is Open Enrollment? 

  • What is a Qualifying Status Change Event (QSC)?

  • Where can I find a list of network providers for my health insurance plan? 

  •  If I terminate my employment, can I keep my health and dental insurance? 

  • What does “FMLA” mean?

  • What sorts of situations qualify for FMLA leave?

  • Who should I contact with questions about my leave of absence?

  • I have separated from employment with FGCU, but I had a retirement plan with AIG Retirement Services (VALIC) while I was working OPS or Adjunct; how can I make a withdrawal?

  • What can I do to add to my retirement benefits?

  • How do I find out about employment opportunities at Florida Gulf Coast University?

  • Equal Opportunity Employer

  • How do I check the status of my employment application?

  • I am having trouble submitting my application for employment.  What do I do?

  • The position I wanted to apply for has closed.  Can I still apply?

  •  I have accidentally withdrawn my application.  What do I do?

  • I applied for a position and found a typo on one of my documents. How do I make a change to my application materials?

  • I submitted an employment application but I have not heard anything.  What should I do?

  • Should I receive compensation if I am on-call?

  • Should I receive compensation for rest periods and meals?

  • Should I receive compensation for lectures, meetings, & training programs?

  • Should I receive compensation for travel time?

  • Must overtime work be pre-approved?

  • What is the difference between a Reclassification and a Promotion?

  • Who initiates a job evaluation/reclassification?

  • What is the difference between an exempt and a non-exempt position?

  • Can I hire someone who is willing to do work on a volunteer basis?

  • How do I know if I am an exempt or non-exempt employee?

  •  What effective date should I use for reclassifications, pay increases, or other employee changes?

  •  What is the career path for me?

Financial  Disclosure

Section 112 of the Florida Statutes requires that all elected public officials and appointed board members of public organizations are required to comply with financial interest disclosure to the Florida Commission on Ethics.  Certain state and local employees are also subject to the disclosure filing requirement because of the position they hold or their purchasing authority.  At Florida Gulf Coast University, disclosure of financial interests applies to:

-Business managers and purchasing agents having the power to make any purchase exceeding $20,000

-A full-time employee who serves as counsel or assistant counsel to any state agency

-Finance and accounting directors

-Personnel officers

-Grant coordinators

New Hires

Section 112.3145(2)(b) requires that the first financial disclosure statement be filed within 30 days of appointment or employment.   This requirement is met by filing the Statement of Financial Interests (Form 1). 

Annual Reporting

After the initial filing, designated employees are required to file the Statement of Financial Interests  (Form 1) by July 1 of each year.


Upon separation of employment or end of appointment, a Final Statement of Financial Interests (Form 1F) must be filed within 60 days after leaving, unless taking another position that also requires financial disclosure.


Individuals who fail to file a Statement of Financial Interests as required will be assessed a fine of $25 per day, up to a maximum of $1,500.

Information and forms related to Financial Disclosure can be found on the web page at

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