Reclassifying Positions

Classifying Job Roles

A reclassification is the re-allocation of an existing position in one classification to a different classification based on a significant change in the job duties.  A reclassification can occur when changes to the majority of job duties are determined to be at a higher (or lower) classification level than the current level of the position.

Changes in the nature, variety, and complexity of job duties, the supervision received or supervision exercised, or the responsibility for staff and/or resources may justify a classification review. Changes in the volume of work assigned, or an employee’s performance, are not considered justification for a reclassification.

Reclassification  Procedure

1. To initiate a position reclassification, the manager will contact their HR Generalist to request a review and evaluation of the job duties. HR will not review requests originating directly from the employee.

  • A staff member must have at least six (6) months of continuous University service in his/her current position to be eligible for a reclassification review. A staff member, who currently is on a performance improvement plan, is not eligible for a reclassification review.

2. If the Classification & Compensation team agrees that a reclassification is justified, the team member will recommend the appropriate job family classification. If an appropriate classification does not exist, the team member will work with the manager to develop a new classification and position description. The employee being reclassified must meet the new minimum qualifications of the class specification.

3. Once all appropriate approvals are received, the correct business process will need to be submitted in Workday.

4. The Job Change will be processed through all of the required approvals in Workday.

5. Once the Job Change has been fully processed in Workday, the reclassification will be complete and become effective on the date entered in Workday. 

Reclassification Salary Adjustments

A reclassified employee may receive a salary adjustment at the discretion of the department, pending budget availability.  If a salary adjustment is warranted, Classification & Compensation will conduct a salary analysis and provide the manager with an approved range for the new classification. 

  • Effective Date for Reclassifications /Salary Adjustments

  • University Staff Who Are Covered By Collective Bargaining Agreements