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Approximately 1200 FGCU students call the Honors College home. We have student representation from each academic degree program. 

Honors College Probation Policy (Updated May 2022)

The Honors College at FGCU expects all members of our community to uphold and support high academic and ethical standards.  Students falling short of those standards will be placed on probation in order to communicate the importance of our expectations and to provide a period of time for students to correct problems.  This policy describes what actions result in probation, the terms of probation, and ways a probationary period can end.

Students admitted to the Honors College may be placed on probation for: 

  • GPA Requirement

  • Mandatory Activities

  • Community Standards

  • Terms of Probation 

Honors College Community Standards 

Honors College students are expected to uphold higher academic and behavioral standards both within Florida Gulf Coast University’s boundaries and as a representative of the University outside of campus.  These standards include the following:

  1. Students must maintain and uphold University-wide conduct policies.
  2. Students placed on probation within their respective academic college will also be placed on Honors Probation.
  3. Students reprimanded for unprofessional behavior within their academic program or University-sponsored extracurricular activities will also be reprimanded by the Honors College.
  4. Students are expected to uphold academic standards set by both the University and the Honors College. (Refer to Student Code of Conduct.)
  5. Legal incidents brought to the attention of the University and/or the Honors College may result in either probation or expulsion from the Honors College, which will be determined at the discretion of the Honors College Office.
  6. Students found in violation of the Honors Community Standards will be reprimanded accordingly by the Honors College Office, with potential outcomes including probation or expulsion from the Honors College.

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