Development Funds

Honors Development Funds (HDF) support Honors students’ intellectual development by providing up to $2,000 to offset costs for:

  • Traveling to professional conferences to present academic papers and posters
  • Conducting academic research or projects
  • Purchasing tangible items to support academic endeavors
  • Honors coursework that involves costs outside of the regular course related fees
  • Honors Thesis development
  • *Study Abroad or Away opportunities
    • Applicants must have an approved Travel Abroad/Away plan on file before applying;
    • Applicants must complete the HDF Budget Form and include all other funding received;
    • Apply by checking the appropriate box on the HDF application.
    • *Honors College Study Abroad/Away Development Grants are for students accepted to an approved FGCU Faculty-Led Study Abroad, FGCU Study Away, FGCU Exchange Program, Provider Program, or other U.S. University Study Abroad program. International volunteer or Internship grants will be considered if the travel can be closely connected to Honors coursework or research projects.


HarlaxtonYou can study abroad for a full semester and earn Honors credit at Harlaxton College in England. 

Honors Development Fund Process

When a student submits an Honors Development Fund (HDF) Application, it goes to the Honors College where it will be reviewed.  The HDF application must be completely filled out and include adequate documentation for the funding request to be considered.  The Honors College will communicate the funding decision to the student by emailing the student’s eagle email.  Questions regarding the HDF application may be directed to the Honors College at, or 239-590-7490.

Honors Development Fund Exceptions

All students in good standing with the Honors College are eligible to apply for an HDF, and students must remain in good standing with the Honors College to receive funds. Funds can only support activities closely related to Honors College coursework; they cannot be used to pay membership dues, subscriptions, living expenses or tuition.

Honors Development Fund Review

The Honors College will review each HDF request to determine funding according to the following criteria:

  • How clearly the project supports the student’s intellectual development
  • The strength of the applicant’s essay
  • Availability of funds
  • Number of applicants for available funds

The Honors College reserves the right to request two or more price quotes be obtained prior to purchase.

Submit an Honors Development Fund (HDF) Application

HDF Application



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