Contract Review


All contracts, other than previously approved standard contracts and templates, must be forwarded to the Office of the General Counsel for legal review prior to execution.

Please contact the Office of the General Counsel if you have any questions or need assistance regarding contracts, agreements or any related matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

(FGCU Policy  1.013 - Contract Review)


What is a contract?
A contract is a transaction involving two or more parties whereby each becomes obligated to the other, with reciprocal rights to demand performance of what is promised by each respectively. Examples of contractual documents include, but are not limited to Agreements, Memorandum of Understanding, Letter Agreements, some invoices, agreements for internships/externships, agreements to retain consultants, etc. Even if your agreement does not involve money, but is merely a memorial of an understanding, it is still considered a contract.

I was mailed a document from someone I've asked to do some work for my program. Do I have the authority to sign this document?
Persons with authority to sign contract/agreements will have received a written Delegation of Authority. Those Delegations are located on the General Counsel's webpage under Governance (visit the Delegations page). Please note that contracts requiring expenditures are signed by persons identified as having authority to sign Procurement Contracts.

How do I go about purchasing commodities or securing a service of some kind?
Please contact the Director of Procurement Services for information regarding whether your purchase must be secured through a competitive solicitation or not. 

The Consultant (or vendor) sent me his contract. Can I sign it and send it back?
All documents requiring a signature which have been received from an outside party must be sent to the General Counsel's Office for legal review before they are executed.

How can I get legal review of a document?
Any document needing legal review should be sent to the General Counsel's Office and accompanied with a Routing and Transmittal Slip, which has been signed off by the appropriate Dean/Director.