Attorney Assignments

Office of the General Counsel

Please search below to find who is the responsible professional for the topic you would like to address. For any subject matter not specifically identified, please contact Todd Caraway, Director, Legal Affairs, for assistance. 

Practice Area Responsible professional
Admissions & Enrollment Issues (Residency) Daniel Cruz
Camps (Non-Athletics) Daniel Cruz
Collective Bargaining Lisa Jones / Daniel Cruz
Contracts/Agreements (DSOs; WGCU) Daniel Cruz
Early College Programs Daniel Cruz
Legislation (2022 - 2023 Session) Daniel Cruz
Little Eagles Learning Center (LELC) Daniel Cruz
Minors on Campus Daniel Cruz
Raffles Daniel Cruz
Student Conduct Daniel Cruz / David Greenbaum
Student Records & FERPA Daniel Cruz
Affiliation Agreements David Greenbaum
Athletics David Greenbaum
Camps (Athletics) David Greenbaum
Commercial Activity David Greenbaum
Construction David Greenbaum
Copyright/Trademark David Greenbaum
Environmental Health & Safety David Greenbaum
Facilities David Greenbaum
Gifts David Greenbaum
Information Technology Services (ITS) David Greenbaum
Legislation Tracking David Greenbaum
License/Use Agreements David Greenbaum
Name, Image, & Likeness (NIL) David Greenbaum
Political Activity David Greenbaum
Procurement Contracts/Agreements David Greenbaum
Social Media David Greenbaum
Student Government David Greenbaum
Student Housing David Greenbaum
Waivers of Liability David Greenbaum
Academic Freedom Lisa Jones
Behavioral Consultation & Assessment Team (BCAT) Lisa Jones
Disability Issues (Accommodations; Website Accessibility) Lisa Jones
Domestic Animals on Campus Lisa Jones
Free Speech Lisa Jones
Export Control Lisa Jones
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Lisa Jones
Grant-in-Aid Lisa Jones
Immigration (Visas; Sponsorships; etc.) Lisa Jones
Independent Contractors Lisa Jones
International Issues (Study Abroad; Export Control; Remote Work) Lisa Jones
Micro-Credentialing/Digital Badging Lisa Jones
Naples Children & Education Foundation (NCEF) Lisa Jones
Patents Lisa Jones
Recruiting & Hiring (HR) Lisa Jones
Remote Work (Domestic) Lisa Jones
Research & Grants (Technology Transfer & Related Compliance) Lisa Jones
Threat Assessment & Management Team (TAMT) Lisa Jones
University Police Department Lisa Jones
Accreditation Lisa Jones
Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund (BOTIITF) (Buckingham; Property Issues) Lisa Jones
Communications Lisa Jones
Compliance Lisa Jones
Conflict of Interest (Non-Research) Lisa Jones
Employee Benefits Lisa Jones
Ethics Lisa Jones
Interlocal Agreements Lisa Jones
Litigation Lisa Jones
Organizational Governance (Board of Trustees; Foundation Inc.; Financing Corporation) Lisa Jones
Risk Management (Insurance; Indemnification) Lisa Jones
Academic Program Dismissals Tom Rinaldi
Academic Integrity Tom Rinaldi
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tom Rinaldi
Advisory Councils Tom Rinaldi
Bankruptcies Tom Rinaldi
Construction (AB10) Tom Rinaldi
Cooperative Education (Co-Op) Programs Tom Rinaldi
Emergency Management Tom Rinaldi
Employee Relations (Behavior; Discipline) Tom Rinaldi
Garnishments Tom Rinaldi
Internships (Centralized or Decentralized; Careers) Tom Rinaldi
Notice to Owners Tom Rinaldi
Third-Party Subpoenas Tom Rinaldi
Vester Property Tom Rinaldi
Workers Compensation Claims Tom Rinaldi
Policy & Regulation Development Todd Caraway
Public Records Related Procedures Sandy Zablackas
Volunteers Tom Rinaldi
Title IX Lisa Jones