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First Year Experience

Eagles in 25

Eagles in 25

Starting the next phase of your life as an FGCU student is easy thanks to the Eagles in 25 program. Students will attend events in six specialized categories designed to help you start your first year off right. Earn 25 points by the end of your first year and when you finish, you'll be soaring like an Eagle. And remember, the more events you attend, the more points you accumulate to earn prizes! 

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  • Engagement

  • Academic Success 

  • Global Perspectives

  • Lifestyles

  • Exploration

  • Service in Sustainability

How Do I Earn 25 Points?

It's simple...if you attend events in the categories listed above, you will earn points. All incoming students will start their first semester having earned 1-point for attending Eagle View Orientation. Each event listed above is worth 2-points, so if you attend two events in each category, you'll have earned 25-points by the end of your first year. When you reach 25 points, you'll be entered into a drawing to win prizes, and who doesn't love free stuff?

Experiences from Eagles in 24

Brianna Sandner

Tampa, FL ∙ Sociology Major

"Eagles in 24 inspired me to get out by participating in events on campus (or virtual) during my first year at FGCU. It also made me aware of all the helpful resources the school offers so I know how to make the best of my college career."

Jonathan Goldberg

Boynton Beach, FL ∙ Civil Engineering Major

"The Eagles in 24 program has provided information and tips on how to be successful academically and socially during my freshman year by holding informative meetings and events that educate students on different aspects of college life."

Maxym Fairall

Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia Oblast, Ukraine ∙ Cape Coral, Florida ∙ Pre-Nursing Major

"Eagles in 24 has exposed me to dozens of different opportunities that I could be involved with on campus. From learning about Financial Aid, to learning about resources offered by the Library, to many others, I believe that it substantially assisted me with acclimating to the college lifestyle."