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Major Exploration

Major Exploration 

Exploratory Advising helps students clarify their interests, abilities, and values related to class selection, major exploration and decision making, and curriculum planning. 


Colleges and Schools

The undergraduate majors at FGCU are housed in different Colleges and Schools. Each College/School oversees the majors, minors, and certificate programs from their areas. They also have their own faculty (professors, instructors) who teach courses in their programs and staff who provide support, as well as academic advisors who advise for their programs.

Colleges and Schools

Overview of Colleges and Majors

College of Arts & Sciences (CAS): is the largest college at FGCU, offering over 30 degree options. The majors in CAS can be broken down into 3 broad categories: Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities. You may have been introduced to many of these subjects through your general education program. College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)

Integrated Studies: Are you interested in a major that's contemporary, offers real world applications, provides perspectives from multiple varied disciplines and allows you to create your own unlimited opportunities? Integrated Studies offers classes in athletics, cannabis, storytelling, contemplation, kindness, and ethics in medicine, among many other exciting and diverse course offerings. Graduates of the program have gone on to careers in law, medicine, music and much, much more. 

 Integrated Studies


College of Education (COE): Students who major in Education at FGCU will have gain hands on experiences in local classrooms while developing the skills needed to become an educator in the state of Florida. COE notes that 100% of their pre-k-12 teachers are employed! COE offers 7 different majors. 

College of Education (COE)



Lutgert College of Business (LCOB): offers a diverse array of degrees and experiences for future business professionals.  

Lutgert College of Business (LCOB)

Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Studies: Offers hands-on, real-world experiences in starting and running a business. Students in the major can work on their own business in their classes and can go on to own their own business or work in the business world. This is a great major for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit who would be excited to learn from successful business experts. 

Ent Picture

Marieb College of Health & Human Services (MCHHS): Some of the programs in MCHHS are limited access and competitive. In order to be eligible, students must follow a prescribed curriculum, earn the required grades, maintain a high GPA, apply to the program and be accepted. It may not be possible to switch into these majors in the 2nd or 3rd years of college. Other MCHHS majors may be more flexible


Marieb College of Health & Human Services (MCHHS)

Whitaker College of Engineering (WCE)majors require a lot of math and may require physics, computer science, biology and other sciences. If you’re interested in an Engineering major, take a look at the course requirements with your advisor to determine your eligibility. 

 Whitaker College of Engineering (WCE)


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