Integrated Studies Major Advising

Integrated Studies Major Advising

The B.A. in Integrated Studies combines courses across programs in order to produce deep learning and a better understanding of the interrelationships between academic subjects. The Program provides flexibility in meeting individual student interests and learning goals and blends existing and new experiences, information, and perspectives into the learners’ total understanding of their world.


  • What is the Integrated Studies major about?

  • Why do students choose Integrated Studies as their major?

  • What can you do with an Integrated Studies degree?

  • What requirements do I need to complete the Integrated Studies degree?

  • What do I need to do to change my major to Integrated Studies?

  • Important advising information related to the Integrated Studies major

  • What Integrated Studies courses are offered?

  • What courses can I take as an Integrated Studies major?

  • What is the IDS 4910 (Integrated Core Senior Seminar course) about?

  • Transfer Orientation - Integrated Studies

  • Exploratory Advising Team

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