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Connecting People, Nature, and Society

Our vision is a Southwest Florida that promotes the interconnectedness of natural and social systems required to create a healthy and resilient environment for the benefit of all.  

We are a hub and convener for environmental education outreach to the community, and applied research. The center trains teachers in outdoor education, gets kids outside through experiential learning, and implements strategic partnerships. Together we can build a healthy and prosperous environmental future through learning, self-discovery, problem-solving and decision-making for a just and sustainable world.  

At the Center for Environment and Society we focus on our mission in three ways, (1) Nurture connections to nature through direct experiences (2) Grow environmental know-how through education and (3) Expand engaged citizenry for action.

CES (Center for Environment & Society) is always looking for interested students to take part in environmental education and outreach. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the environmental education coordinator, Regina Bale, to get started. Projects are available for all majors and any skill level from setting up events and making advertisements to writing policy or grant proposals.  

SWFL  Environmental Adventures With FGCU  

This video series is made by FGCU students to help local K-12 students learn more about southwest Florida environments, research at The Water School, college and career options, and sunshine state standards content. Click on this link for our complete playlist of SWFL Environmental Adventures with FGCU and check back for more content.  

TREES  Teaching Resiliency through Environmental Education in Schoolyards  

Sharing the techniques and research of The Water School with K-12 audiences in our service region is an important part of our work. Through the TREES program we empower K-12 teachers to use their schoolyards to teach standards-based content. TREES provides teacher training and resources to improve schoolyard learning on any campus.  Are you interested in having a T.R.E.E.S. training at your school? Contact our environmental education coordinator Regina Bale

Summer 2023 Project Showcase 

In the summer of 2023 high school students from our five-county service region had the opportunity to take part in the Mapping Justice program with trubel&co. Mapping Justice is a multi-week online program where high school students learn technical and soft skills through an environmental justice lens. On August 4, 2023, all participating high school students visited the FGCU campus for the day ending with their project showcase. 

Still looking for resources to fit your needs? Here are some other opportunities, Centers, and resources that can help.  

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Your donation helps train teachers in environmental education, get kids outside through experiential learning, and provide outreach to the community. Together we can build a healthy and prosperous environmental future through learning, self-discovery, problem-solving and decision-making for a just and sustainable world. One important step each of us can take today....go outside and enjoy nature!

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