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Sept. 26, 2022 | FGCU is canceling all classes Tuesday and Wednesday. We remain fully operational Monday, Sept. 26, as scheduled. Campus leaders will continue to monitor the storm’s potential impact to the Southwest Florida region, and we will notify campus stakeholders about Thursday operations by 3 p.m. Tuesday. For details, visit fgcu.edu/emergencymanagement.

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Most Recent Publications

2022-001 Beatriz Altamira Algarra, Jaume Puigagut, John W. Day, William J. Mitsch, Jan Vymazal, Joan García, and Rachael Hunter. 2022. A review of technologies for closing the P loop in agriculture runoff: Contributing to the transition towards a circular economy. Ecological Engineering 177 106571



2021-010 Griffiths, L.N., E. Hernandez, E. Cuevas,  W.J. Mitsch. 2021. Above‐ and below‐ground carbon storage of hydrologically altered mangrove wetlands in Puerto Rico after a hurricane. Plants 2021,10, 1965. https://doi.org/10.3390/plants10091965.

2021-009 Jiang, B.B., W.J. Mitsch, C. Lenhart. 2021. Estimating the importance of hydrologic conditions on nutrient retention and plant richness in a Wetlaculture mesocosm experiment in a former Lake Erie basin swamp. Water 2021, 13, 2509. https://doi.org/10.3390/w13182509

2021-008 Wendling L.  , J. Garcia, D. Descoteaux, B.Swierkosz, T.McPhearson, N.Frantzeskaki, D. La Rosa, Y. Zeng, T.Lin, T. Fidélis, A. Dumitru, W.J. Mitsch, S. Lavrni , C. Maucieri , Y. Wang , L.  McCarton, S. O’Hogain, S. Schmidt, G. Vidal, C. H. Crespo. 2021. Editorial: Introduction to the Nature-Based Solutions Journal. Nature-Based Solutions 1 (2021) 100003.

2021-007 Griffiths, L.N., W.J. Mitsch. 2021.Estimating the effects of a hurricane on carbon storage in mangrove wetlands in southwest Florida. Plants 2021,  https://doi.org/10.3390/plants10081749.

2021-006 Boutin, K.D., , W.J. Mitsch, E. Everham, B.R. Bakshi, L. Zhang. 2021.An evaluation of corn production within a WetlacultureTM system at Buckeye Lake, Ohio. Ecological Engineering 171: (2021) 106366.

2021-005 Szklarek, S., E. Kiedrzyńska, M. Kiedrzyński, J. Mankiewicz-Boczek, W. J. Mitsch, and M. Zalewski. 2021. Comparing ecotoxicological and physicochemical indicators of municipal wastewater effluent and river water quality in a Baltic Sea catchment in Poland. Ecological Indicators 107611.

2021-004 Day, J.W., David M. Burdick, Carles Ibáñez, William J. Mitsch, Tracy Elsey-Quirk, and Sofia Rivaes. 2021. Restoration of Tidal Marshes. In: Salt Marshes, Duncan M. FitzGerald & Zoe Hughes, eds. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, pp. 443-475.

2021-003 Benassi, Roseli Frederigi, Werner Siegfried Hanisch , Lúcia Helena Gomes Coelho , Tatiane Araujo de Jesus , Mercia Regina Domingues , Ricardo Hideo Taniwaki , Thais Araujo Goya Peduto , Danilo Oliveira da Costa , Marcelo Luiz Martins Pompêo , William J Mitsch. 2021. Eutrophication effects on CH4 and CO2 fluxes in a highly urbanized tropical reservoir (Southeast, Brazil). Environmental Science and Pollution Research https://doi.org/10.1007/s11356-021-13573-7

2021-002 Griffiths, L.N., T. Nesbit Haupt, L. Zhang, and W. J. Mitsch. 2021. Role of emergent and submerged vegetation and algal communities on nutrient retention and management in a subtropical urban stormwater treatment wetland. Wetlands Ecology and Management. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11273-020-09781-6

2021-001 Łożyńska, Justyna, Julita A. Dunalska, Agnieszka Bańkowska-Sobczak, Li Zhang, and William J. Mitsch. 2021. Treatment of hypolimnion water on mineral aggragates as the second step of the hypolimnetic withdrawal method used for lake restoration. Minerals 11, 98.



2020-05 Jiang, B., W.J. Mitsch. 2020. Influence of hydrologic conditions on nutrient retention, and soil and plant development in a former central Ohio swamp: A wetlaculture mesocosm experiment. Ecological Engineering 157 (2020) 105969.

2020-04 Ma, P., L. Zhang, W.J. Mitsch. 2020. Investigating sources and transformations of nitrogen using dual stable isotopes for Lake Okeechobee restoration in Florida. Journal of Ecological Engineering 155:105947 (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecoleng.2020.105947).

2020-03 Griffiths, L.N. and W.J. Mitsch. 2020. Nutrient retention via sedimentation in a created urban stormwater treatment wetland. Science of the Total Environment 727:138337 (https://authors.elsevier.com/c/1axOxB8ccoCeh).

2020-02  García, J. , A. Solimeno, L. Zhang, D. Marois, W.J. Mitsch. 2020. Constructed wetlands to solve agricultural drainage pollution in South Florida: Development of an advanced simulation tool for design optimization. Cleaner Production https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jclepro.2020.120868

2020-01 Waltham, N.J., M. Elliott, S. Y. Lee, C. Lovelock, C. M. Duarte, C. Buelow, C. Simenstad, I. Nagelkerken, L. Claassens, C. C. K.Wen, M. Barletta, R. M. Connolly, C. Gillies, J. Schwartz, W. J. Mitsch, M. B. Ogburn, J. Purandare, H. Possingham, M. Sheaves. 2020. UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030 – What chance for success in restoring coastal ecosystems?  Frontiers of Marine Science

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