Technology Team

Weatherford, Elizabeth (Chair) CAS 2025
Stork, Michele COE 2025
Vanselow, Scott DKSOE 2025
Zhao, Fan LCOB 2024
Carlin, Anna LIB 2025
Lynn, Melissa MCHHS 2026
Thomas, Serge TWS 2025
Vacant UAS 2026
Koufakou, Anna WCE 2025
Vacant ex officio, Academic Computing  

Meeting Schedule 2023-2024

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Team By-Laws

(i) Composition

The Technology Team consists of one faculty member representing each academic unit and an ex officio member from academic computing.

(ii) Responsibilities and Duties

The Technology Team functions as an advisory group to academic computing and other University computing bodies. The team will review and recommend policies concerning all matters relating to University computing, including distance learning needs and requirements.