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President's Report 3/29/24

March 29, 2024  / Lyndsay Rhodes 

Board of Trustees, Board of Governors, and State Updates  

 I attended the Advisory Council of Faculty Senates (ACFS) and the Board of Governors meeting in Gainesville March 25-27. At the ACFS, Chancelor Roderiguez reported that he and his staff, in collaboration with University Presidents and General Councils, have been revisiting BOG Reg 9.012 Foreign Influence based on feedback from our last discussion at the BOG lunch in January. The current line of thought is to review applications based on potential level of risk based on the program level, with the possibility of bringing revisions to the BOG in fall for implementation in Fall 2025. I will continue to update you as new information is provided.  

 The BOG asked the Senate Presidents to gather feedback from faculty on priority items for the next BOG Strategic Plan. Specifically, we were asked to look for what is missing in the current Strategic Plan (2012-2025) and suggest areas to focus on that would significantly impact the state university system. An area that is very likely to be included in the new plan is artificial intelligence. Senate Leadership will be pulling together ideas and forwarding them to ACSF BOG representative, Dr. Amanda Phalin by April 8, 2024.