2018-2019 Senate Membership



Name College Department term ends
Erdman, Rob    CAS  Biological Sciences 2019
Fauerbach, Michael (on sabbatical Fall 18)   

CAS Chemistry & Physics  2020
Girimurugan, BeeJay  CAS  Science & Math  2020 
Isern, Sharon   CAS Dept. of Biological Sciences 2019 
Kakareka, Joe  CAS Chemistry & Mathematics  2019
Leary, Terry  CAS Dept. of Psychology 2019
MacDonald, Jamie CAS Ecological Studies


McDonald, Mike  CAS Anthropology 2019
Niner, Patrick CAS Language & Literature 2019
Paine, Morgan  CAS Visual & Performing Arts 2020
Rosenthal, Martha  CAS Biological Sciences 2019
Sakharuk, Alex  CAS Arts & Sciences 2019
Thomas, Serge  CAS Ecological Studies 2020
Totaro, Rebecca  CAS Language & Literature 2020
Finley, Penny  COE College of Education 2019
Houdyshell, Michael  COE College of Education 2020
Sughrue, Jennifer  COE College of Education  
Acheampong, Daniel (on professional development leave Fall 2018)  LCOB Accounting 2020
Case, Mark  LCOB Dept. of Marketing 2019
Jiang, Lan  LCOB Resort & Hospitality 2019
Meso, Peter LCOB Dept. of Info Systems & Operation Mgt. 2020
Zhao, Fan  LCOB Info System & Operations Mgt. 2019
Bhatt, Anjana  LIB   2019
Carlin, Anna  LIB Library Technology and User Experience 2019
Colmer, Maria  MCHHS Occupational Therapy 2020
Daramola, Charles  MCHHS Dept. of Health Sciences 2020
Finn, Abbe  MCHHS Counseling 2019
Harner, Anne  MCHHS Nursing 2020
Stecher, Jo  MCHHS Nursing 2019
Komisar, Simeon  WCE Dept. of Environmental Engineering 2020
Koufakou, Anna WCE Dept. of Software Engineering 2019
Villiers, Claude WCE Civil Engineering 2019