Political Sciences Minor

Political Science (B.A.) majors are not eligible for the minor in Political Science.

The Minor in Political Science provides non-political science majors the opportunity to explore the field of political science through a six-course (18 credit) program of study.

Admission Requirements

  • Students must meet with a college advisor/student success counselor to declare a minor and review the course requirements.

Additional Graduation Requirements

  • A grade of C or higher is required in all courses for the minor.
  • A minimum of 12 credits of the minor must be completed at FGCU.
  • Students desiring certification of a minor and designation on their academic transcript must:
    • Note the minor on the Application for Graduation.
    • Contact a college advisor/student success counselor to certify completion of all course requirements for the declared minor as listed below.

Program Requirements

Required Courses in the Minor

Complete any two of the following lower division (1000-2999 level) courses:
CPO 2001 Intro to Comparative Politics (3)
INR 2015 Global Studies (3)
POS 2041 American Nat'l Government (3)
POS 2112 State & Local Govt & Politics (3)

Complete one upper division (3000-4999 level) course from each of the following categories:

One course in American Politics/Public Administration/Public Policy (POS, PAD, or PUP prefix), with the exception of POS 3043, POS 3272, POS 3703, POS 4905, POS 4941, and POS 4936.

One course in Comparative Politics (CPO prefix), with the exception of CPO 3003 and CPO 4906.

One course in International Relations (INR prefix), with the exception of INR 3003 and INR 4910.

One course in Political Theory (POT prefix), with the exception of POT 4906.

Catalog Year: 2023-2024

Total Semester Hours Required: 18 Hours