Financial Aid & Assistantships

Pre-Professional Training Opportunities

The History MA program has a few merit-based assistantship positions, in which qualified students serve as Graduate Assistants (GAs) and Teaching Assistants (TAs). The program also offers a limited number of merit-based partial or full in-state tuition waivers.

Priority consideration for merit-based financial aid is given to applicants whose materials have been received in full by February 15 for Fall admission and by October 15 for Spring admission.

Awards are based on the student's initial admission package or performance in the Master's program.  The graduate program coordinator, in consultation with the MA admissions committee, tenders the offers for assistantships. 

Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistants typically serve as graders for survey courses. Working with a faculty mentor, they learn how to create and administer a course.  They work about ten hours per week during the semester and receive a stipend, as well as either a partial or full tuition waiver.

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants serve as instructor of record for a survey course. The course is paired with that of a full-time history program faculty member, who serves as mentor.

Students must successfully complete eighteen hours, including HIS 6004 (College-level Teaching), before they can serve as Teaching Assistants. TAs receive a stipend and a full tuition waiver.