Philosophy Events


Socrates Cafe



"Third Annual Humanities Symposium" (Spring 2018)

"Second Annual Humanities Symposium" (Spring 2017)

"Humanities Symposium" (Fall 2015)

“Philosophy without Borders: A Symposium in Honor of Ofelia Schutte” (Spring 2012)

Socrates Cafe

"What are Alternative Facts? " (Spring 2018)

"Kapernicking: When is it right to sit when taking a stand?" (Fall 2016)


North American Society of Philosophical Hermeneutics (Fall 2020)

"Freedom, Speech, and Society" (Spring 2019)

"Communication and Philosophy: Undergraduate Student Scholars" (Spring 2016)

"Philosophy Talk: Success, Purpose, and Meaning" (Fall 2015)

“Phenomenology and Medicine Symposium (Fall 2012)

“Why Buddhism needs the West” (Spring 2011)

“The God Debate” (Fall 2010)

Past Speakers have included:

  • Drew Leder (Loyola University)
  • David Loy (Naropa University)
  • Charles Guignon (University of South Florida)
  • April Flakne (New College of Florida)
  • Marianna Ortega (John Carroll College)
  • Doug Jesseph (University of South Florida)
  • Fredrik Sveneaus (Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Elizabeth Milan (Depaul University)
  • Jorge Gracia (University of Buffalo)
  • Ofelia Schutte (University of South Florida)
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