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Careers in Journalism

The FGCU Journalism degree program prepares students for media careers in which they will be expected to report, edit and present high-quality journalism for a variety of platforms—including newspapers, magazines, audio, video and Internet-based technologies—and for a combination of these formats.

The program emphasizes clear writing, factual accuracy, critical thinking, ethical and legal principles, social consciousness, technological skill, and practical, hands-on reporting and editing experience. Students will develop an awareness of the role of journalism in a democratic society and think critically about emerging issues in journalism and mass media.

Career Information:

Alex PinaWith a journalism degree, students are prepared to work in the following jobs:

  • Reporter for online news source
  • Copywriter or editor
  • On-air reporter for television news station
  • Producer, videographer or editor for television news station or online news source
  • Photojournalist
  • Social media specialist
  • Digital news graphic designer

Data about post-graduation employment (From Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce):

  • Journalism graduates can expect to earn about $51,000 a year. (Median salary, full-time, full-year workers with a terminal bachelor’s).
  • Salaries from the 25th percentile and the 75th percentile range from $35,000 a year to $80,000 a year.
  • According to glassdoor, starting annual salaries for journalists average about $36,000.

FGCU Journalism BA Alumni:

  • Kalhan Rosenblatt, Reporter for NBC News, New York
  • Alex Pena, Producer at CBSN Documentaries
  • Emma Heaton, Reporter WINK-TV
  • Sarajane Sullivan Writer/Editor, Hearst Connecticut Media Group
  • Oscar Santiago-Torres, Digital Content Producer, Naples Daily News
  • Aaron Balladin, Editor, WINK News
  • Hope Garza, Marketing Assistant, Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice, St. Petersburg
  • Javier Moncada, Videographer for WINK News
  • Sommer Senne, Host of Good News on Entertainment, CTN10
  • Julia Browning, Copywriter and Marketing Assistant, BreakFree Solutions, Chicago
  • Meilin Tompkins, Digital Reporter for WCNC Charlotte, NC
  • Aubrie Gerber, Writer for Rachel Ray In Season Magazine
  • Aiden Strawhun, PR Specialist, Ubisoft, San Francisco
  • Sean O’Day, photographer, WBBH-TV
  • Anica Colbert, KPBS Public Media Host
  • Harold Solomon, Photographer at WINK News
  • Julie Rosner, Social Media Specialist, Decocrated, Fort Lauderdale
  • Taylor Crehan, Social Media Coordinator, Infinite Laundry, Coral Springs
  • Christian Rehm, Evening Director, WFTX Fox 4
  • Yamile Escobar, Producer, WINK News
  • Kris Locker, Gwen Ifill (PBS) News Literacy Student of the Year/Graduate film school
  • Rachel Adkins, post-graduate intern at WarnerMedia/NCAA
  • John Wix, Special Projects producer at WBBH-TV
  • Klaudia Balogh, Media Manager for BIOSTRAP, Los Angeles
  • Gabriella Savoia, Morning Show On-Air Radio Personality, Beasley Broadcast Group
  • Sebastian Gonzalez,  photographer, multiple videography awards by the Florida Association of Broadcast Journalists 
  • Kaela Thompson, Director for WINK News
  • Jack Lowenstein, Digital Media Editor at KCNC in Denver
  • Julia Bonavita, Photo Editor for the National Basketball Association (NBA)               
  • Summer Fernandez De Castro, News Producer at Fox32 in Chicago
  • Mike Danielewski, Chief Photographer at WINK-TV
  • Rachel Iacovone, Digital News Editor at WPLN News Nashville Public Radio
  • Tara Calligan, Social Media Manager at WGCU Public Media
  • Eugene Kinchen, News Editor, WBBH-TV

  • Cecilia Mojica, News Editor, WBBH-TV

  • Andy Quach, Editor, Fansided

  • Caity Kauffman, Vice President, PR & Communications/Social Media & Influencer Marketing, 160over90, ENDEAVOR, New York

  • Jaynie Tice Bartley, Associate Editor, Gulfshore Life

  • Sarah Murphy, Assignment Editor, WINK News