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Journalism emphasizes practical reporting and editing experience, grounded in theoretical fundamentals and a knowledge of news literacy.

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Program Requirements   4-YEAR grad PLAN (General)4-year grad plan public relations

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Through the journalism courses, students also get to work side-by-side with professional journalists from local media outlets. Below are some links to FGCU Journalism in the News:

FGCU Class Fact Checking Campaigns

Fact Checking Gillium "On Another Planet"

Fact Checking Candidates on Education

With a wide range of exciting courses, the Journalism program gives graduates all the tools they need to enter the world of journalism and related fields. Courses are a nice mix of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. We train students in every aspect of journalism, so they are prepared to succeed at any job. One part of the program we are very proud of is our professional journalism culture. Students help each other throughout their academic careers, and many have gone on to work together at local media outlets after getting their diplomas. We have students working at all the local television stations, newspapers and other media outlets.  The Journalism program has also hosted many initiatives that allow students to interact with leaders in the field. Besides our News Literacy course, where students take part in labs led by professional journalists, the Journalism program has hosted “Face-to-Face: Conversations With Journalists,” where students can meet journalists they’d never meet otherwise. Speakers included war correspondents and a Pulitzer Prize winner. In the fall of 2018, the Journalism program hosted the “First Amendment Festival,” which featured prominent speakers and workshops. Journalism majors and minors are also actively involved in Eagle Media, which includes Eagle News, the student-run university newspaper, Eagle Radio and Eagle News Television.

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