Tabling at FGCU

Reserving a Table to Distribute Information

FGCU has a number of opportunities to distribute information, with the most common method being reserving a table in the most popular locations on campus that attract the most student traffic.  There are some rules to follow, however.  So, please read the information below, and contact our office if you have any questions.

   Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

All Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) must use our Event Request Form in order to reserve a table on campus.

The following procedures must be followed by all RSOs:

Amplified Sound

  • Only allowed on weekdays from 7am-6pm on the Veterans' Pavilion


  • Not allowed at a table where your organization is collecting monetary donations
  • Restaurant must never be in conflict of or violates a University contract

Outside Organization Involvement

  • Outside Organizations distributing information at a table reserved by a Registered Student Organization (RSO) must fill out a Business Information Application

*All event details are required to be submitted at least 14 days in advance to the assigned Campus Reservations Event Planner*

   Outside/ Private Organizations

  • If you are looking to solicit or distribute information about your business, a table reservation is required
  • An outside organization is always required to fill out a Business Information Application each time you are looking to reserve a table or distribute information on campus
  • Outside organizations are NOT allowed to distribute information inside of housing facilities, dining facilities, classrooms, and any other indoor locations on campus
  • Outside organizations are NOT allowed to sell food on campus as the University has an exclusive contract for food sales with Chartwells
  • Outside organizations are only allowed to serve food on campus if they are providing catering for a specific event.  If an outside organization is providing catering, they must have an approved Business Information Application
  • For a fee, outside organizations are able to conduct sales at a table reservation as long as the item they are selling:
    • 1) Is not a food item;
    • 2) Is not a violation of a University contract; and
    • 3) Does not violate any local, state, or federal laws

Completed Business Information Applications can be sent to the Department of Campus Reservations for approval


fax: 239-590-1145


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