Spaces Available to Reserve

FGCU can accommodate a wide range of events from meetings to banquets. Our flexible meeting rooms, state-of-the-art audio-visual technology and event-planning services are a perfect combination for meetings, conferences, banquets, dances or other events.  Our facilities are available year-round, excluding campus holidays. Classrooms are available for rental by outside organizations when space permits.

University Facility Rate Structure

Indoor Multi-Purpose Spaces

In addition to the large multi-purpose spaces listed below, the Cohen Student Union, Academic Building 9, and the Sugden Resort & Hospitality Management Building also offer smaller multi-purpose spaces and conference rooms.


COHEN 214 - Fogg Lakeview Suite

For information about the different layouts possible in this space, contact your assigned event planner.

Audience Style with Full Stage, Max Capacity - 447
Banquet Style with Full Stage, Max Capacity - 240
Classroom Style with Full Stage, Max Capacity - 140

4,750 sq. ft.

Outdoor Multi-Purpose Spaces

FGCU's main campus offers a variety of locations for your outdoor event or tabling.
View a map of outdoor multi-purpose and tabling locations.

For more information related to making a tabling reservation, visit our tabling page here.


For the most up-to-date availability, visit our Calendars by Location page.

Classrooms & Lecture Halls

When are classrooms available for scheduling?

Classrooms are released for event scheduling approximately 2 weeks into each semester. Therefore, classroom reservations are limited to the current semester. No classrooms are available during finals week.

What types of classrooms are available?

We offer a variety of classrooms, including traditional desk, tiered and circular tables. Classrooms range in size from seating for 20 to up to 180. Every classroom on campus is equipped with the standard technology of a computer audio/video capabilities and at least one projector screen. The photos below are examples of the classroom options available or you can click on the button below to view photos and features of various classrooms.

Building Features Page

Computer Labs

What Types of Computer Classrooms Are Available?

We offer a variety of different classrooms, ranging from 24 to 72 seats. Every computer classroom on campus is equipped with the standard technology of a computer audio/video capabilities and at least one projector screen in addition to the computers in the spaces. Below are a few examples of the variety of computer classrooms available.