Event Request Form: Common Questions

It is a requirement to have event requests that need any services such as a room setup, catering, technology, etc. submitted at least 14 days prior to your proposed event date.  However, it is recommended that these requests are submitted at least 30 days in advance to ensure that your event is successful. Please remember your event is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation from our office.

Why can’t I make a reservation for today or tomorrow?

  • The Event Request Form requires at least a 2-business day notice to process a request.

What to do if I want to request multiple dates?

  • If you have a request that occurs over several days/weeks, in the Event Date and Time portion of the form, you are able to select multiple dates via the provided calendar. To add a date, simply click on the date you wish to add. To remove a date, click on the specific date you would like to remove and click the red remove button.

Why is my preferred space not showing up?

  • You may search a space by the Building name and room number or by utilizing the pre-existing Save Searches. Within these searches you are able to see General Classrooms, Conference Rooms, Cohen Student Union spaces, Computer Labs, and Tabling locations available for request.
  • The Location Search displays space availability in real time. If a location is unavailable for your requested date(s) it will not appear. Please try searching for an alternative space.
  • If you are submitting an Event Request Form with multiple dates, you will want to ensure the “Hide Conflicts” box is unselected. This will allow you to search for locations that have availability for, if not all, some of your requested dates. You are able to request different locations for different dates on your Event Request Form.

If my preferred location was available when filling out the form, why didn't I get that space?

  • For Multi-purpose rooms, including spaces in Cohen, our office requires time for room setup and take down. The space may not be available after accounting for this time.
  • We operate on a first-come-first-served basis. Therefore, if we receive a request for the same date and space prior to yours, the space would no longer be available.

Why won’t my Event Request Form save?

  • All fields are required and must be filled out in order to save the form successfully.
  • Each requested date must have a requested space. If you are unable to find a space suitable for your event or meeting on a reoccurring request, please remove the specific date in which you are unable to find an available space for and make a note in the comments box at the bottom of the form.
  • All questions on the form require a yes or no answer.

How do I make changes to a request I already submitted?

  • Please email the Room Scheduler at rmsched@fgcu.edu with any changes to an Event Request you have already submitted and we will help you adjust accordingly.

Can I use this form for a course related activity?

  • If you are reserving a space for tabling or an event related to a course, please fill out our Course Related Activity form as we will need a signature from your professor to reserve a space for you.

What if my organization is not showing up?

  • If you are a member of a student group and are unable to find your organization. Please select 'pending organization' and include the correct organization in the notes at the bottom of the form.


For any questions or concerns, please email the Room Scheduler at rmsched@fgcu.edu or call Campus Reservations at (239) 590-1090.