Frequently Asked Questions

Apply for Aid

  • How do I apply for financial aid?

  • Who should apply for financial aid?

  • Do I need to be admitted to FGCU before I apply for financial aid?

  • Does FGCU have a priority deadline for financial aid?

  • What is FGCU’s school code?

  • Do I have to reapply for financial aid each year?

  • I submitted my FAFSA form; What happens next?

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Costs, Billing, Refunds

  • What is the Cost of Attendance (COA)?

  • Where can I view my student bill?

  • Can my parent receive a copy of my bill?

  • Does the University offer a payment plan?

  • I see a negative balance on my bill. What does this mean?

  • When will I get my refund?

  • How can I buy my books using my anticipated financial aid refund?

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Eligibility for Aid

  • How is my “financial need” determined?

  • I am a graduate student. Can I receive financial aid?

  • I am a transfer student will my financial aid transfer with me to FGCU?  

  • I am a non-degree seeking student. Can I receive financial aid?  

  • I am an in international student. Can I receive financial aid?  

  • I am an undocumented student. Can I receive financial aid?  

  • Is there a limit on how long I can receive financial aid?  

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  • How many credits must I take to be considered full-time?

  • How many credits do I need to take to receive financial aid?

  • If I enroll less than full time, what happens to my financial aid?

  • What is attendance verification (AV)?

  • What happens if I withdraw from some but not all of my classes?

  • Will it affect my financial aid if I receive all Fs, Us, and/ or Ws?

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  • What information is required to complete a FAFSA?

  • Who is a contributor on the FAFSA?

  • What is consent, and why do I have to provide it when completing the FAFSA?

  • What is the Direct Data Exchange?

  • What is the Student Aid Index (SAI)?

  • Am I considered a Dependent or Independent Student for financial aid?

  • Why do I have to include my parent’s information on the FAFSA?

  • My parents don’t support me financially. Am I independent for financial aid?

  • My parents don’t have social security numbers, can I still complete the FAFSA?

  • My parents are divorced. Which parent do I report on the FAFSA?

  • I don’t have any contact with my parents. How do I complete the FAFSA?

  • I live with my grandparents or other relatives other than my parents. Can I use their information on my FAFSA?

  • I submitted my FAFSA. What do I do now?

  • How do I view or print my FAFSA Submission Summary?  

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FAFSA Simplification

  • FAFSA Simplification?

  • What are the benefits of FAFSA simplification?

  • Key changes

  • New Terminology

  • What is consent, and why do I have to provide it when completing the FAFSA?

  • My parents do not have a social security number, can they create an FSA ID/studentaid.gov account?

  • What is the Direct Data Exchange?

  •   What is the Student Aid Index (SAI)?

  •   What does a negative Student Aid Index (SAI) mean?

  •   Which assets are factored into the new Student Aid Index (SAI)

  • Will I have to provide my business/farm assets?

  • How can I prepare for the changes?

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Financial Aid Packaging

  • When will I receive my financial aid offer?

  • I am returning student, why don’t I have a financial aid award for next year?

  • Can my financial aid awards change after I’ve been packaged?

  • Will I receive the same financial aid awards next year?

  • Will moving on-campus or off-campus affect my financial aid eligibility?

  • If my residency status changes, will my financial aid awards change?  

  • Why did my financial aid package only include student loans?  

  • My financial aid doesn’t cover my costs, what are my options?  

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Florida Bright Futures Scholarship

  • What is the Bright Futures scholarship program?

  • How do I apply for Bright Futures; what are the eligibility requirements?

  • Do I have to fill out a FAFSA to receive the Florida Bright Futures scholarship?

  • What Bright Futures Scholarships are available?

  • When will Bright Futures be added to my financial aid award package?

  • How much does my Florida Bright Futures scholarship pay?  

  • Do I have to be full-time to receive Bright Futures?

  • How long can I receive the Bright Futures Scholarship?

  • Will Bright Futures pay for graduate courses?  

  • What happens if I drop/withdraw from a course?  

  • What happens if I fail a class?

  • What are the renewal criteria for Bright Futures?  

  • What happens if my GPA falls below the renewal criteria?

  • What happens if I do not meet the credit hour requirement to renew my Bright Futures?

  • Can I take summer hours to meet the Bright Futures renewal requirements?  

  • I’ve lost my eligibility for Bright Futures. Can I appeal?  

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Florida Prepaid Program

  • Do I need to provide my Florida Prepaid card?

  • What is the amount Florida Prepaid will cover?

  • Can I receive both Florida Prepaid and Florida Bright Futures?

  • I have questions about Florida Prepaid. Who should I contact?

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  • What is Gulfline?

  • How can I view my financial aid award package?

  • How do I accept/decline my financial aid awards?

  • How can I view and complete any outstanding financial aid items?

  • How do I complete my Terms & Conditions?

  • Does accepting my Terms & Conditions mean I am accepting loans?

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  • What is the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford loan?

  • How many hours must I take to be eligible for a student loan?

  • Do I have to accept the full amount of the loan offered to me?

  • What is the interest rate on federal student loans?

  • Are there any fees for federal student loans?

  • How do I complete loan entrance counseling?

  • How do I complete the master promissory note (MPN)?  

  • How will I receive my loan?  

  • How much am I allowed to borrow each year in student loans?

  • I declined my loan, but now I need some/all of the loan. How do I reinstate it?

  • I have accepted a loan, but now I’ve decided I don’t need/want it. How do I cancel it?

  • How does my parent apply for a Direct Parent PLUS loan?  

  • What is private or alternative student loan?  

  • Does FGCU have a preferred lender list for private loans?  

  • Where can I find my loan servicer?  

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Satisfactory Academic Progress

  • What is Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?

  • How is my SAP status determined?  

  • When is my progress evaluated?  

  • What is the SAP appeal process?  

  • My appeal was approved; what is financial aid probation?  

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  • What scholarships does FGCU offer?

  • What are Foundation Scholarships and how can I apply?  

  • Do I need to complete a FAFSA to be considered for Foundation Scholarships?  

  • When are Foundation Scholarships awarded?  

  • How will I know if I receive a Foundation Scholarship?

  • Will I be notified if I am not selected for a Foundation Scholarship?

  • Do I need to reapply for Foundation Scholarships each year?  

  • How can I apply for the First-Generation Matching Grant scholarship?  

  • What are the renewal criteria for my Admissions Merit scholarship?  

  • Where can I find outside scholarships to apply for?  

  • Can an outside scholarship affect my financial aid awards?  

  • I received an outside scholarship. Where do I send the check?  

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Special Circumstances/Unique Situations

  • My financial situation has changed since filing the FAFSA. What are my options?

  • I am not able to provide parental information on the FAFSA. What should I do?  

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Study Abroad & Transient Students

  • What is a transient student?

  • Can I take classes elsewhere and use my financial aid?  

  • Can I receive financial aid from FGCU and the host institution?  

  • What happens if I don’t complete the courses at the host institution?  

  • Is financial aid available for study abroad?  

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Summer Aid

  • Is financial aid available for the summer term?

  • Is there a separate application for summer aid?

  • How is my summer financial aid determined?  

  • I am starting in the summer; which FAFSA do I need to complete?  

  • If I get a Pell grant in the summer, does it reduce the amount I receive in fall/spring?  

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  • What is verification?

  • Why was I selected for verification?

  • Didn’t I already provide this information on the FAFSA?  

  • How do I know if I’ve been selected for verification?  

  • Do I have to complete the verification process?  

  • How do I submit the requested verification document(s)?  

  • Will my financial aid change due to verification?

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Who Do I Contact for Questions About...?

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