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FGCU/SUS Immunization Requirements

The State University System of Florida/FGCU requires all students born AFTER  12/31/1956 to upload documented vaccine proof or lab immunity to MMRs, (Measles (Rubeola) Mumps and German Measles (Rubella) to their SHS Portal. If born PRIOR to 12/31/56 call our office



**DUE TO THE COVID-19 virus you MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT & WEAR YOUR MASK to enter the Student Health Services building, as we are a health facility complying with the CDC guidelines. 

Please do NOT BRING friends/family with you. 

ONLY appointment persons are allowed to eneter the building.    All others will be asked to wait outside or in their cars.

Please CALL FIRST for questions or to make an appointment.

NO WALK-INS at this time.




(PLEASE click "MYPROFILE" in your portal FIRST, (big red button above) after you log in, as you may be compliant via the FLShots automatic upload. It may have uploaded all, some or none of your shots, so please view the "Immunization Compliance" box on the top of your portal page as well.  Green check marks are compliant.  Red "X" is not compliant.   IF you are NOT compliant proceed with instructions below)


***COVID VACCINES:  If you wish to upload your covid vaccine dates & card image to your portal, please click "MYPROFILE" on the top left of your portal FIRST to make sure they haven't been uploaded already for you via FLShots.  IF THEY HAVE, you do NOT need to do anything further.


  • 2 MMR vaccine dates  (Measles/Mumps/Rubella) After 1971 OR  positive Rubella/ Rubeola/Mumps lab/titer results. (MUST HAVE actual lab results)
  • Hepatitis B vaccine (3) shot series OR select the FGCU waiver/opt out box located in your SHS Portal.
  • 1 Meningitis (ACWY) vaccine administered AFTER age 16 OR  select the FGCU waiver/opt out box located in your SHS Portal.  (Note***  Meningitis B will not fulfill the FGCU requirements)   IF UNDER 18, and wish to opt out, a parent may complete the "Immunization History Form/PARENT Waiver"  located below, in the "Printable Immunization Form(s)" tab. You will upload that form to your portal for processing.
  • ***** If you've received vaccines in Florida or transferred vaccine documents to an establishment in Florida, they MAY already be upload to your SHS Portal by the "FLShots Database System".  PLEASE check your SHS portal first (link above) for compliance AND your Gulfline "Hold Scren" to see if the hold has been removed already
  • If you are  a PREVIOUS/RETURNING FGCU student,  APPLIED TO GRAD SCHOOL or are Birth Date Exempt (born PRIOR to 12/31/56) and have a hold,please call 239-590-1254 OR email: immune@fgcu.edu as we may have your documents on file. (have your UIN ready)
  • Distance/Virtual learning does NOT mean you are exempt from the immunization requirements.   
  • Covid 19 shots and/or Flu shots are NOT required but you may upload them if you received them.


To View Holds in your Gulfline Account

  • Sign into your Gulfline account                                                                                  
  • Click "Student" tab
  • Click "Student Records" tab
  • "View Holds"


To UPload immunization documents to your SHS Portal


*** ACCESS TO YOUR SHS PORTAL  WILL BE AVAILABLE  24-72 BUSINESS HOURS AFTER  YOU'VE BEEN ACCEPTED.  (You must have your credentials from the IT email" in order to log in)

If it has been longer than 72 business hours and you can't log in with your single sign on, please call 239-590-1188 for the FGCU "IT" department  to assist you.



(Please view "MYPROFILE" in your portal first, as the FLShots database MAY have already uploaded some or all of your vaccine dates for you automatically. IF NOT, proceed with the instructions below)


  • Click "Student Health Portal" above (big red button)
  • Sign in using your single sign on info
  • Click "MYFORMS" on the top
  • Click  the "Immunization History for Portal" form (if form is not  visible, contact us: 239-590-1254 or immune@fgcu.edu)
  • Enter date(s) on form and/or waiver options then scroll to bottom for uploading instructions
  • Submit (hold removal or new updates can happen immediatly but can take up to 72 business hours)


*Please watch the video below for information regarding Meningitis.

  • Acceptable Proof/Acceptable Documentation Forms

  • Immunization Process

  • Unable to find your immunization documents?

  • Valid Immunization Exemptions

  • Acceptable  vaccination or immunity testing locations

  • Printable Immunization Form(s) OR need a copy of your records.

More Immunization Information

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