Transient Students

Transient status allows students enrolled in a degree-seeking program at FGCU to take courses at a host institution. Students can mix and match courses from across the state as long as they fulfill state, institution, and program requirements with approval from Advising and Enrollment Services.

  • Financial Aid for Transient Courses

  • How do I request approval to take a course at another Florida state college or university?

  • Can I take classes at a private school or out of state institution and receive financial aid?

  • How do I pay for transient courses?

  • How is my financial aid calculated?  

  • Can I receive financial aid at FGCU and the host institution?  

  • When is my financial aid processed?  

  • How do I submit confirmation of attendance & payment for my transient courses?  

  • Will I be able to use my Florida Prepaid?  

  • What should I do if my enrollment status changes?  

  • I didn’t complete the course; will I have to pay back financial aid funds?  

  • Where do I send my transcript?