Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship

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NOTICE: Summer 2022 is the last term that students can declare this major.

It is being replaced by the Entrepreneurship (B.S.) major, effective Fall 2021. 

Entrepreneurship Major Jade Gibson started her business Jade Strings

FGCU’s B.A. in Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Studies educates tomorrow’s entrepreneurial leaders. Students will acquire a comprehensive set of skills that prepares them for working in either their own start-ups or large established companies across a variety of industries such as hospitality, banking, technology, or healthcare.

Upon graduation, students graduating with our degree from FGCU have multiple options available to them. This is because we encourage students to start their own companies during their undergraduate coursework and allow them to work on those businesses in our classes daily. Many of the students graduating with the B.A. in Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Studies from FGCU and move directly into managing their own businesses full-time.

Jade Gibson ('19) began working on her business, Jade Strings, during her Introduction to Entrepreneurship class in Fall 2017. Before she even started the process of applying for graduation, her business had already generated a six-figure revenue and employed five musicians.

Entrepreneurship Major Jakub Adamowicz started his business RoomDig

Jakub Adamowicz ('19) founded RoomDig, a student exclusive roommate and housing app, to make finding a great place to live simple. He currently employs an eight person team of developers, designers, and sales representatives.

In addition, several businesses across Florida, including Hertz Corp., Pyure Brands, and Storm Smart, currently recruit our B.A. in Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship students because of our students’ propensity to take initiative and see opportunities where others see problems. This is due to the creative problem-solving skills that serve as a basis for all the courses offered across the classes in our degree.

All of our coursework is experiential in nature, which means that you will be actively practicing the skills necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur. Instead of taking tests to show knowledge, our students are tasked with a project-based curriculum that allows for entrepreneurial skill development and confidence building. These projects allow students to develop new business ideas, grow existing business ideas, and develop top-quality resume building skills that impress prospective employers upon graduation.

NOTICE: Summer 2022 is the last term that students can declare this major.

It is being replaced by the Entrepreneurship (B.S.) major, effective Fall 2021. 

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Major at FGCU 2019-2020

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Entrepreneurship Major Enrollment 2017-2019 

“The hands-on aspect of the education you get at FGCU is incredible. It's great when you have professors willing to put in the extra time to help you outside class.”

— Nick Vargas
Project Management System Administrator at Hertz Corp.
Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Studies B.A. '19

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