Student Resources

We exist to help educate and develop students through high quality, service-based learning experiences.

First, we help students engage in volunteer experiences related to the social issues with which they feel most passionate. Then, based on their volunteer experiences, we provide guidance and opportunities to dive deep and learn much more about the context and root causes of the issues they care about. Lastly, we encourage and offer support for students to create solutions at the root-level for the issues they care about. Collectively, these three steps are intentionally modeled on the Active Citizen Continuum (originally created by Break Away). As you can see, the FGCU service-learning hours graduation requirement is just the beginning of your community engagement journey.

Our goal for each student is that they reach their service-learning hours graduation requirement within the first two years of starting at FGCU. You can always see your progress toward that goal at the top of your Degree Works profile.