Makenzie Whitaker - FGCU Author Entrepreneur

Medical marvels through the eyes of a pig

Using the power of narrative to help others.

Makenzie Whitaker Author of the Kidney Kronicles


Makenzie Whitaker - Author Entrepreneur

Makenzie Whitaker (‘19) started the Runway Program in 2017 with a dream she didn't yet know how to reach. Her mentors were two entrepreneurship instructors, Vincent Izzi and Mark Bole. They taught her everything she needed and wanted to know about building her business. She credits their guidance for helping her put together a professional pitch. Makenzie successfully pitched for equity-free seed funding at the end of the Runway Program and used the money she earned to make her idea real.


Entrepreneurship Minor Makenzie Whitaker started her business Makenzie Morgan LLC


Makenzie came to FGCU to study English and creative writing. She saw it as an easy transition into the Entrepreneurship Minor. In the program, she learned so many "after-college" skills that she is using today. She feels confident and prepared for her professional pursuits. She has said that she will “forever cherish her time in the School for Entrepreneurship” because it didn't just help blossom her business, it blossomed the person who she is today.