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Ethics & Compliance

At FGCU, we're committed to ethical conduct and compliance on all levels.

If you have questions or concerns about ethics or compliance, we're here to help. We provide training, monitoring and investigative activities to prevent, detect and resolve issues of non-compliance.

Report concerns anonymously through our Hotline

FGCU’s Hotline is an anonymous reporting mechanism that facilitates reporting of alleged illegal, unethical, or improper conduct. The Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and is administered by an independent, third-party provider.  The Hotline provides a web-based reporting capability as well as a toll-free telephone-based service.  




  • What is the FGCU Hotline?

  • Who can submit a concern to the Hotline?

  • When can I submit a concern to the Hotline?

  • What kinds of concerns should I report?

  • I’m not sure if what I observed is a violation of university policy or rises to the level of misconduct, but it doesn’t look right to me. What should I do?


  • Why did FGCU implement the Hotline?

  • Why can’t I just report observed violations to my supervisor or manager?

  • Do the FGCU Board of Trustees, President and Cabinet encourage reporting?

  • I am aware of misconduct on campus, but it does not affect me. Why should I report it?

  • I am concerned that the information I provide will ultimately reveal my identity. How can you assure me that will not happen?

  • Isn’t this system just an example of someone watching over me?

  • What if I remember something important about the incident after I file a report? What if the University has further questions for me?

  • What if I want to be identified with my report?

  • Where do reports go? Who can access them?

  • What are my responsibilities in bringing forward a concern?

  • If I submit credible evidence of wrongdoing that results in a formal review, how long will the review take?

What if I just want some advice and assistance from the University. Do I have to use the EthicsPoint Hotline?

Fortunately, FGCU has in place some excellent resources for its faculty, staff, and students. In addition to the EthicsPoint Hotline system to bring forward good-faith concerns of wrongdoing, you can always discuss a matter with:

  • Your supervisor or manager;
  • Precious Gunter, Director of Equity, Ethics, and Compliance, and Title IX Coordinator, for harassment, discrimination and sexual misconduct allegations or for violations of University policy or regulation at (239) 745-4366 or pgunter@fgcu.edu;
  • Helen Marmachev, Interim University Ombuds and Assistant to the President, for informal, impartial and non-adversarial alternatives concerning conflict management at (239) 590-1022 or hmamarchev@fgcu.edu
  • Jake Adams, Athletics Compliance Coordinator, for NCAA compliance concerns at (239) 590-7573 or jeadams@fgcu.edu;
  • Rosemary Higgins, Associate Vice President, Research and Sponsored Programs, for research misconduct concerns, at (239) 590-7021 or rhiggins@fgu.edu;
  • Chris Blakely, Assistant Vice President for Campus Life/Dean of Students, for academic integrity concerns, at (239) 590-7705 or cblakely@fgcu.edu
  • Bill Foster, Director of Internal Audit, for fraud, waste, and abuse allegations at (239) 590-1709 or wfoster@fgcu.edu;
  • Rhonda Holtzclaw, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, for environmental health and safety concerns at (239) 590-1037 or rholtzcl@fgcu.edu;

Ethics & Compliance Guiding Documents

For more information on ethics & compliance at FGCU, please visit our guiding documents.



External Resources

Ethics & Compliance at FGCU is guided by external standards from a state and federal level.