Discrimination, Bias, and Hate Crimes

No place for Discrimination

hands holding up signs saying "stop" with the text "bias and discrimination" below the hands

FGCU is a school where diversity is embraced. Diversity is part of FGCU’s mission statement, and as such, we truly believe in creating and fostering an environment that is not only diverse but inclusive for all. At FGCU we realize that true learning and scholarship can only come from our University’s commitment to all of its people. As such, FGCU seeks and embraces students, employees and visitors from diverse racial, gender, ethnic, religious, socio-economic, political, military and academic backgrounds. The inclusion of people from all walks of life enhances students’ educational experience at FGCU. 

FGCU is committed to maintaining an objective, civil, diverse and supportive community, free of coercion, bias, hate, intimidation, dehumanization or exploitation.


In furtherance of the University’s overall mission of developing responsible and engaged students, faculty, and staff who embrace diversity, and create and maintain a safe and inclusive campus community, the interdisciplinary Bias Response Team (BRT) provides proactive support, education, and resources to combat harmful biases. The BRT does not adjudicate, and the actions of the BRT do not supersede University discrimination, harassment, or conduct policies or procedures.

  • The BRT complements existing policies and procedures by providing:
    • Support and resource referrals for targeted individuals and witnesses impacted by bias incidents.
    • Education and restoration opportunities for perpetrators of bias.
    • Insight and strategy development recommendations for preventing, combating and eliminating instances of bias.
    • Report an incident to the BRT by clicking here.


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