We're proud of our shining stars

Congratulations to all of our alumni, students, staff and faculty who continue to distinguish themselves in all they do.

Photo of Robby Donnelly

Robby Donnelly

Alumnus - Bioengineering

Soon after graduation in 2011, Robby joined the U.S. Navy. Like many alumni, Robby took time to attend Career Day to tell his story and explain what he experienced as an FGCU engineering student.

Photo of Rebecca Halmich

Rebecca Halmich

Student of the Year

Rebecca is a senior in bioengineering and works as a monitor technician at a large local hospital. She is the founding member and president of the Engineering Ambassadors Program (Outreach) and a member of the Society of Women Engineers and Phi Eta Sigma.

Photo of Janusz Zalweski

Dr. Janusz Zalewski

Software Engineering Faculty

Dr. Zalewski is a professor of software engineering and was recently recognized in an interview on Net Neutrality. The discussion also included former Florida Governor Charlie Crist and Ryan Singel, media and strategy fellow at Stanford Law School.