Environmental Engineering (B.S.Env.E.)

The ABET accredited B.S. degree in Environmental Engineering addresses current issues found in natural, urban, and commercial systems, using engineering tools to identify problems and work towards sustainable solutions. The program embraces a student-centered hands-on teaching philosophy that encourages students to develop critical thinking skills to prepare them for effective and innovative engineering practice.

Environmental Engineering is an inclusive field using scientific insights from physics, biology and chemistry to understand and protect ecosystems and human health, provide safe drinking water, soil and air, and ensure a sustainable future for the planet.

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Undergraduate students have multiple opportunities throughout their academic journey to get involved in engineering projects, research and student organizations.

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Environmental Engineering Faculty/Staff Contacts

Env Eng Prog Dir/Assoc Prof
Assistant Professor, Environmental Engineering
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Associate Professor

Environmental Engineering Facilities

Pictured below are a few the of the spaces that Environmental Engineering students frequent

Wastewater Microbiology Lab

A space where students primarily cultivate bacteria to isolate its DNA. 

Wet Chemistry Lab

In the Wet Chemistry Lab students run many tests and conduct experiments. For example, using the Winkler titration test for dissolved oxygen, and nutrient analysis.

Water Quality Analysis Lab

Students perform procedures such as ion chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography, and gas chromatography.

Undergraduate Research Lab

138 Faculty Research Lab

Professors plan and conduct research projects in this area.

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