Emergency Response Guide

Be Prepared, Stay Informed

Help FGCU Emergency Management and UPD keep you safe on campus.

Let's do some REALTALK! There are several safety threats and concerns that exist in our world today.  We need to remain vigilant. The FGCU Emergency Management Team will work diligently to prepare, train, and communicate safety information to keep faculty, staff,. and students safe on campus. However, we do need help from you. While at work, at FGCU, be vigilant and review all FGCU safety information, stay aware of your surroundings., and have a plan. You may not be able to wait for UPD or Emergency Services to arrive and have to act on your own.

The preparedness and safety information below provides general information to improve awareness and potential outcomes of some threats that could impact us at any time.  The information can augment specific departmental, facility and/or personal safety plans, but it is not sufficient to replace those plans. 

Preparedness & Safety

  • Situational Awareness

  •  Concerning Behavior 

  • Decision-Making in a Threat Environment

  • Evacuation

  • Fire Alarms

  • Reentry / Re-occupancy

  • Locking / Unlocking Doors on Campus 

Threat Specific Considerations

We have discussed situational awareness and decision-making processes in a general threat environment.  The following pages address several, more specific threat scenarios.  The focus remains on awareness and a willingness to act based on observed behaviors.  In making these observations, focus on the person’s behavior rather than the person’s traits.  Avoid relying on single factors and corroborate critical information. Finally, remember that violence is a dynamic process.  Focus on prevention, not prediction. 

  • Active Assailant

  • Bomb Threat

  • Suspicious Persons, Activities and Events

  • Severe Thunderstorm Warning/Tornado Warning

  • Suspicious Packages or Envelopes